American Legion Auxiliary:
Initially, the Auxiliary was organized by concerned women who took on the day-to-day responsibilities of life when their men went to Europe in World War I. Aware of the plight of fatherless families and the needs of returning veterans, these women vowed to continue their supportive role when the veterans of World War I founded the American Legion in 1919. Through the years, the organization has expanded to include succeeding generations of veterans who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Lebanon, The Panama Canal, and most recently, in the Persian Gulf.


Auxiliary members are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters of these courageous veterans. Some members are veterans themselves who now work in civilian life in hundreds of volunteer programs. Someday, there may be permanent peace and no further need for veterans' organizations like the Auxiliary. Meanwhile, Auxiliary women who care about their community and their fellow man will continue to work for God and Country.  

We need you... Please join us!

Dear Members of Alhambra Post and Auxiliary, The American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Program is not new; it was adopted by the Auxiliary in 1924, 86 years ago. Once a year we seek donations in exchange for poppies, the memorial flower of the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. This memorial poppy is not only a personal tribute to those who gave their lives for our country, but also honors our living veterans. The red crepe paper of the Memorial Poppy is worn throughout the nation on Poppy Days and are made by the Veterans in hospitals and workshops throughout the country. These disabled service men and women are paid for each hand made poppy and the American Legion Auxiliary furnishes the materials free. There are more than 25 million poppies made by the disabled veterans with thousands of volunteers from the Auxiliary taking part in this program. The poppies we are distributing, in return for contributions are made by remember veterans...and help veterans. Our main project is "Operation Mend," where doctors give free facial surgeries to vets who have had their faces burned or blown away. We give for bandages & family living quarters etc. We urge all citizens of this community to recognize the merits of this cause by contributing generously, May 9, 2010 thru May 15, 2010 is Poppy Week. This is the symbol of the sacrifices for our honored dead.To continue our support we need your help. Donations may be mailed to the legion. We are very thankful for your loyal continued support, please don't send cash, make checks payable to ALA unit #139. Toni Rivanis-Poppy Chairman (626 282-6511) Rosario Duran ALA president(323-282-6511), American Legion Auxiliary Alhambra Unit # 139, 24 North Stoneman Avenue Alhambra, CA 91801.
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