1. The following shall be admitted:
a. All members of The American Legion showing current American Legion card and wife or escort.
b. All members of The American Legion Auxiliary showing current card and husband or escort.
c. All members of The Sons of The American Legion showing current card and wives or escort.
d. Out of town guests if accompanied by American Legion or Auxiliary member showing current card.
Members are responsible for their guests and may not leave before guests.
2. Persons are expected to dress comfortably and desirably   3. Legionnaires and guests are kindly requested to help keep Post home clean and tidy. Please use ashtrays for
matches and cigarette butts.
4. All members must remove their hats when entering Legion Post. Wearing of Legion caps is encouraged.
5. The steward or employee in charge shall have full authority to enforce house rules while on duty and may eject
any member for misconduct or violation of club rules. The members may have right of appeal to Executive
Committee if necessary.
6. No member shall reprimand an officer or an employee of The American Legion. Any suggestion or criticism of
the lounge or Legion operation shall be submitted to the House of Executive Committee and it will be given due
7. The employees or attendants on duty may refuse service to anyone.
8. Any member removing, damaging, or destroying any property of The American Legion shall pay for damages.
9. Cashing of checks (limit), credit, or lending of lounge funds is strictly prohibited.
10. No games played anywhere except in game room.
11. Legion meetings start promptly at 6:30 pm and the lounge shall close and stay closed until meeting is
12. There shall positively be no drinking of any kind during Legion meeting or drinks brought into the meeting
13. If you receive a phone call while you are at the Post you must answer.
14. No intoxicated members will be tolerated in the lounge.
15. There shall be absolutely no drinks of any kind taken from the premises at any time.
16. Positively no alcoholic drinks are to be served to minors under any circumstances.
17. Dogs or other pets will not be allowed in lounge.
18. Loud, boisterous, or profane language will not be tolerated in Post home.
19. The lounge will close not later than midnight. On special occasions the House Committee may grant extensions
by advance notice.
20. All forms of amusements shall stop 15 minutes prior to the stated closing time.
21. Social quarters shall be closed Sundays, (preferably) Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,
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